All Fees

To Open a Store you must first

  • Apply to become a vendor/Merchant
  • Store Setup Fee non
  • Monthly fees  non
  • Success Fees 5%
  • Logo and Banner Free
  • Featured Products $1.99 NDZ

Consignment Fees:

Option #1

  • We list the item for you – $2.99 NZD  an item
  • Success Fee – 10%

OPtion #2

  • You list the item
  • No listing fee
  • Success Fee   35%

With the online e commerce marketplace becoming popular  fees and strict regulations have also become a problem for most vendors.

We want to create a family of happy vendors at the same time allowing us as a business to thrive We think this is fair.

We listen and we take in consideration every opinion and suggestions from our vendors.

We believe if we work together as a team we can all make it in this hectic online buying and selling age.

As much as we want success we also want for you our vendor success.

If you have any question or suggestion about our fees please contact us at